Crossing Her Threshold

Release Date: September 19, 2019

Description: Kiara Cole is the perfect bride. Not only is she devoted wholly to Logan – till death do they part – she’s thoughtful enough to set the mood. Ice cold champagne, lit candles, flower petals in a convenient heart shape. The ceremony is finished, the reception is over… Now it’s time to bring Kiara over the threshold and begin a new journey. Except, Logan wants to draw this out as long as possible. He wants to tease, taunt and play. How long until Kiara can’t take any more? How long until her dripping pussy is absolutely aching for his cock, her nails clawing at his back in yearning eagerness. What’s it going to take to cross her threshold?

Starring: Logan Long, Kiara Cole
Category: Couples, Sex, Cum On Ass, Cum Shot, Wet, Blowjob, Bedroom, Indoors, Couples Fantasies, Cowgirl, Doggystyle, Reverse Cowgirl, Side Fuck, Tattoo, Average Body, American, Brown Hair, Short Hair, Big Dick, Small Ass, Tattoo, Athletic, Caucasian, Blonde, Bald Pussy, Innie Pussy, Small Tits, Natural Tits

Duration: 0:29:28
File Size: 1423Mb
Resolution: 1920×1080

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